Digital Ocean module

Eddris Khan shared this idea 2 years ago

Module Features

One-Click Creation of VPS Products based on Digital Ocean

You will need to manually set the pricing for each product and configurable option.

Deploy and Upgrade Virtual Machines

Power on/off/cycle feature

HTML5 VNC Console

rDNS Control

Choose Features Available In Client Area:Rebuild DropletSnapshotsTasks HistoryBackupsKernelsFirewallsReset PasswordChange HostnameRebuild Initially Chosen Image OnlySelect Available Images To Rebuild Droplet:OS DistributionsOne-Click Install AppsSnapshots

Generate Configurable Options

Choose Welcome Email And Password Reset Email Templates

Configure Email Piping

Run Server Connection Test

Toggle Debug For Logging API Requests And Responses

Power On/Power Off/Shut Down/Reboot Server

View Server Status And Details

View Server Network Information

View/Create/Restore/Delete Snapshots

View And Restore Backups

Rebuild Server With Chosen:OS DistributionOne-Click AppAdministrator’s Snapshot

Change Server Kernel

View/Create/Edit/Delete Firewalls And Inbound/Outbound Rules For:TCP ProtocolUDP ProtocolICMP Protocol

Reset Server Password

Change Server Hostname

View Tasks History

Choose Server Parameters During Order

Provide SSH Key During Order

Receive Email Notification After VM Creation And Password Reset

Configurable Options:



Additional Volume Size


Private Networking

Floating IPs

Firewalls Limit

Inbound Rules

Outbound Rules

Total Rules

Size Slug Plan

Snapshots Limit



User Data