OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For Billmanager

Eddris Khan shared this idea 2 years ago


Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Server

Power On/Power Off/Shut Down/Reboot Server

Reboot Server In Rescue Mode

Reinstall Server

Access KVM/IPMI Console (OVH)

Server Status And Details

Monitor Server Protocols Status (VPS)

View/Create/Restore/Delete Snapshots (VPS)

View Assigned IP Addresses And Update Reverse DNS Paths

View Assigned Disks With Bandwidth And Space Limit

View Traffic Statistics Graph (Dedicated Servers)

Configure Product Details For:VPS/Server

Choose Features Available In Client Area

Generate Configurable Options

Choose Welcome Email, Reinstallation And Rescue Reboot Email Templates

Configure Email Piping

Choose Usable OVH Server Location, Country And Type

Choose Existing Servers To Be Reused By Another Client

View Servers Logs