tariff plan SSL

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when the selected tariff plan SSL

Additional settings

Organization validation



Where is EV Option When Need EV Filter then?

How to use Information for site

symantec, EV, IDN, SGC, warranty=1750000, priority=21, trust=5, years=2, sslenc=128/256, green, time=day, stamp=https://www.thesslstore.com/images/big-nortonsiteseal.png, servers=1, chat, email, phone

Additional settings Add

[DV]Domain validation.

[OV] Organization validation (Already is done)

[EV] Green browser bar

[WC] Secures primary domain name and all of its subdomains.

[MD] Secures 5 different domains

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It is necessary to delete image URL in the information for site for correct filtering. Using URLs in this field leads to a parsing error.