Adding network card type to config code

Bela Goblos shared this idea 13 months ago

Hello, We have a situation, when we have two identical servers, with identical configurations, the only difference being the network. One has 4x1Gbps card and the other 2x10Gbps. However, the configuration "code" for both of these is the same, so there is no way for us to distinguish between these two from the billing prospective. We use WHMCS now for billing, and it basically looks for a free server with a certain configuration, which is determined by the server type code. Obviously we would like to charge more for the server with the 10GE card, and also we have to give the customer the possibility to pay more for the 10GBps bandwidth in WHMCS.

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As one of the ways to solve this issue, we can suggest installing an inventory management module. It will allow you to create additional components for the server, which will change its configuration. This will ultimately allow the server to be allocated to a separate tariff on the billing side.

If this way doesn't work for you, please let me know.