IPFS support

Adrianus van der Grinten shared this idea 3 months ago
Under Consideration

As figured out some days ago in my conversation with Ivan, access to web 3.0 has a lot to do with IPFS, a huge chance for us, at least to resolve HTTP requests into IPFS protocol.

The downturns:

- Brave browser with 15 million users only and quite a closed, big brand, advertising ecosystem, supports IPFS. Despite the idea of decentralised blockchains, a topsy-turvy as we like to put it in England: won't work.

- within the IPFS a web hosting provider gets rewarded, respectively payed, in Filecoins, what is considerable, unless the current Filecoin mining takes most of the lunch. The amount of Filecoins mined jumped from 2% to 3%, adding 33% market cap the last two days additionally to their coin valuation: won't work.

Nevertheless, IPFS supported by ISPmanager has the potent charm to make progress in local markets.