PHP 7.4

Mahmudul Hasan shared this idea 41 days ago

As a system administrator I would like PHP 7.4 added to EasyApache 4 so that we an can take advantage of the performance improvements, new features, functionalities and bug fixes.

Especially the introduction of Typed Properties 2.0 will lead to a lot of customer requests for this version.

PHP 7.4 is scheduled for release in November 2019 ( and we would like to it to be faster supported by cPanel than 7.3 was added (which took 93 days since release).

Also building against libzip is depreciated with 7.4 ( so we suggest to start with repackage process for EA4 when the first RC's are available.

Thank you :-)

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Hello. PHP 7.4. will be added very soon. We already testing this task


ISPmanager now supports PHP version 7.4.