Add ability to mark cabinet slots as unavailable

Chris R. добавил(а) 4 года назад
Planned in the 6th gen

Some equipment such as cable guides, blanks, APC netbotz etc have no equipment option in DCI manager, so their location cant be marked in a cabinet. It should be possible to view the cabinet usage and mark slots as unavailable and / or mark them with a custom item, not only the equipment in the list. As it now stands, DCI Manager gives a false report on available units in a cabinet, because you cant make some slots already occupied, or unavailable (perhaps they are obstructed by something).

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We are working on the new generation of DCImanager. We want to redesign the product interface and extend its functionality. The feature you describe can not be added to DCImanager 5 because its development is frozen. We note your wish when developing a new version of the product.