Backup devices

Gualter Fernandes добавил(а) 3 года назад
Planned in the 6th gen


Will be good if we can get backup and recover system of our devices/connections.

For example, for any reason we need to reinstall the server and need to install DCIM again. At the moment we need backup manually the to a excel file, then reinstall the server and add one by one to the new installation.

The solution is built a system that can backup and restore the devices and connections. Then will be easy to add all devices/connections again to the new installation using recover file.



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We are working on the new generation of DCImanager. We want to redesign the product interface and extend its functionality. The feature you describe can not be added to DCImanager 5 because its development is frozen. But we plan to add this ability to the new DCImanager.