SystemRescueCD - обновление

Азер Гарягды добавил(а) 2 года назад

  • 6.0.0) 2019-02-02:
      System is now based on ArchLinux and built using archiso and its dependenciesKernel and user space programs are now fully 64 bit (dropped 32bit support)Boot options are the ones provided by new upstream rather than old versionGraphical environment based on xorg-1.20.3 and xfce-4.12Implemented “setkmap=xx” option on the boot command line to setup keyboardUpdated kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-4.19.19Updated filesystem tools: e2fsprogs-1.44.5, xfsprogs-4.19.0, btrfs-progs-4.19.1Updated disk tools: gparted-0.33.0, lvm2-2.02.183

  • Пожалуйста, произведите обновление шаблонов.

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    Здравствуйте, шаблоны обновлены и доступны к использованию в актуальных версиях DCImanager