IPv6 Subnetting

Neuron добавил(а) 3 года назад
Planned in the 6th gen

This is for IPmanager and your whole suite of panels including DCIManager

The industry standard for assigning a dedicated server IPv6 is a /64 subnet for each.

With your panel, if a bigger subnet like /36 is added into the networks page in IPmanager, millions of IPs are generated.

Instead, it should have the possibility to add a bigger block like /36, then specify the number of subnets to generate like /64 and then how many subnets to generate.

All this while specifying a syntax for the gateway/broadcast so all IPv6 subnets are generated in the same manner and each /64 subnet appears in the list of IP's instead of individual IPs.

Same when integrated with DCIM should allow assigning each dedicated server a /64 IPv6 subnet as well.

I was told this is in development.

I have 2 questions:

1. what is the ETA?

2. will this also be applied to the v5 panels? We will not upgrade to v6 because we like v5's skin much better so I want to know if we can get this functionality.

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It will be applied to the v5 panels.

There is no ETA yet.


Unfortunately it wouldn't added in v5 panels. It is planned for the next gen.