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Vladimir Stremilov добавил(а) 2 года назад
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I think you should probably add this as a feature update - symlinks are pretty critical for what I'm doing with ispmanager. I'm sure it used to work. It's probably as simple as the developers have used a function which looks for a REAL directory on that check and the symlink doesn't look like that. It might be a single line of code to fix something that essentially breaks the panel completely for those domains for me.

Just to add, fixing this took out our business website for 6 hours and lost us at least £1500 in sales, so it's pretty critical really. It prevented us from reissuing an expired LetsEncrypt certificate.

It doesn't have to be full symlink support, just make it so that when the panel checks for the web root it doesn't fail if the web root is a symlink. That failure breaks so much.