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Planned in the 6th gen

when i login as useri am not able to see option for my vm user to create backup or snapshot data in case any incident

my question is, how my vm user can backup & protect their data by backing up & restoring their vps drive

it's strange ? don't you think user need to backup himself

it's an essential feature that user can backup

why only admin can backup why user cannot ?

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The main cause admin backup is not necessary while user backup is necessary, because of this example,

let's suppose 10 website's are running on my vm user vds, due to any reason vds os stop working in this case user will normally open a ticket and wait for reply, the fastest reply could be 1 ~ 2 hour, so the main causes why admin backup not required

Maybe admin not took last day backup, or maybe user wants backup before 1 hour to restore as closer as can be, in this case all liabilities comes to provider

A, 1 second delay could lead to lost in revenue, so in between user ticket resolution time could be 1~2 hrs in this case 10 website's might down for 1~2 hr, 1 or 2 hrs downtime consider as a blunder in web industry, such huge downtime can lead to destroy web presence of user

So the solution is to provide a backup feature access to user, so user will liable for , In case user didn't maintain backup he/she will responsible not provider

The Benefits are under:

1-User can maintain backup by his wish

2- User can Restore snapshot/backup within minute without connecting admin

3- Since snapshots are drive image, so user don't need to re configure everything again from scratch

4- Downtime reduce from 1~2 hr to 1 ~ 5 min

5- All data lost liabilities comes to user not to admin/provider

I am not asking anything new, i am asking for backup nessory feature which is un available & disallowed me to buy your product


So, the conclusion is ! since you already implemented backup feature admin side (keep it as it is), you must need to provide backup feature user side otherwise the software is useless


Good idea. We will try to do it in VMmanager 6